How do I make payment for this product?
You can make payment through multiple options. like Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card.
Can I export result in free account?
No you cannot export results in free account.
What happens to my result/data when my validity expires?
Your results and data are saved in our database. You can take the relevant package again and export the result. However data is saved in our database for the period of 1 year, after which it automatically gets deleted. Users are advised to export the results/data before 1 year.
What kind of questions I can input?
You can input many types of questions, like written questions, audio, video.


What is reqular license?
The regular license is for the free account while for the purchase the term and condition may or may not be same
Where can I find your Terms of Service (TOS)?
The terms and services agreement will be shown while signing up the account.


Can I use the platform for free?
Yes you can use it free in our trail version of the product
What payment services do you support?
We support online payments/offline payments(Through cheque only)
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes you can cancel the subscription at any moment, your account will be inactive and the database can be withheld by the company for 1 year
Is this a secure site for purchases?
Yes the website is secured
Can I update my card details?
Frapl don’t save your payment details so it cannot be updated
What if I want to change plans?
When you purchase a new plan your existing account will be upgraded
How long are your contracts?
That is depend on your plan that you have purchased